Wholesale Hair Weave
(Hair wefts for sewing into hair or bonding to hair)

Wholesale hair weave isn't just about finding hair weave suppliers or producers); purchasing on a wholesale premise includes costs which can be based on minimum order quantities and may not have a sliding scale.

Some hair weave suppliers have wholesale schemes that you apply to join and here is the place we get down to what you might experience on your hair weave business venture.

Wholesale Hair Weave Extensions... Programmes

There are a number of programmes that you can join and usually you’re not bound to that supplier alone, however if you want to buy branded products on a wholesale basis (like Milkyway) then you’ll be precluded from legally buying imitations of that brand or any products that breach intellectual property laws.)

Drop Ship Wholesale Hair Weaving Extension Programmes

There are wholesale schemes where the suppliers will basically ship your items to anyplace on the planet and usually offer to put your business logo on the labels or packing.

This is often the preferred option to those new to the field (even though it’s routinely used by larger companies too) but be aware that  custom laws compel senders (the wholesale hair extension company) to provide contact info on shipping labels which means that the wholesale hair extension company’s details may be present on the packaging.

It’s also important to let your customers know where their goods are coming from so that they won’t be unpleasantly surprised should the shipping service levy a charge on the international package.

Regulated Wholesale Hair Weave Programmes

There are schemes that require your business details. There are wholesalers that only want to sell to retailers and will make the necessary checks to ensure that they do just this.

This protects you, them and means that as a business customer you should receive the real wholesale price and not a marginally marked down retail rate.

Pay As You Buy, Wholesale Hair Weave Programmes

There are wholesale schemes where the terms are extremely casual; there are no accounts to set up, or verification of your business (and sometimes no verification of theirs), no minimum order quantities, instead you arrange to buy what you require, whenever you require it.

These sorts of schemes don't for the most part oblige you to verify your business and although not a strict practice, it seems to be that wholesalers that don't require these records normally say that the base request amount is 3-5 pieces for each order.

This is fine, but it’s important to remember that such small quantities don’t really attract the real wholesale price. Wholesale amounts of 3-5 pieces for every order isn't generally sufficient to be viewed as a wholesale order, so the price you pay will probably be a reduced retail price rather than a wholesale rate.

Wholesale Hair Weaving Extensions... Custom Hair Weave

This is where it gets somewhat blurry: the manufactures usually set the price for custom made hair weaves based on the type of customisation. If you regularly sell blue hair weave extensions, then you can work out wholesale price with your producer for blue hair weave extensions, because they know that each month Jane Smith buy 100 blue hair wefts.

What you should expect - Summary

  • Expect to be asked to provide your business details

  • Expect minimum order quantity criteria

  • Expect costs to be fairly stable unless you buy small quantities and infrequently from your supplier

  • Expect to pay for samples.

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