Care For Glue In
Hair Extensions

Caring for your glue in hair extensions couldn’t be simpler – here you’ll find out how long they last and how you look after them so read on!

Glue in extensions (or cold bonded extensions as they’re also known) are mainly a weekly to two weekly option.

The adhesive just isn’t designed to last more than ten days – which is good news for your hair as it will need washing by then… which leads nicely onto...


Proper care is essential to ensure your glued hair extensions last well and look good.

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Avoid oil based products and opt for water based ones instead.

In fact when you attach your extensions you’ll have washed your hair but you won’t have put any moisturiser on your hair as this will block the effectiveness of the adhesive.

How can you tell a water based moisturiser? A moisturiser that has water before the oil on the ingredients list. OR go one step further and use an oil free product – they do exist!

Use large tooth combs for extensions to detangle the hair and avoid combing from the root as this is where your hair is and you’ll tug at the connection of the weft.

If you’ve splashed out and used human hair you can use heat appliances but if you’ve opted for synthetic glue in hair extensions then stay away from heat appliances.

Since these extensions are for such a short time and due to the nature of the adhesive,

washing is not recommended but since they take less than two hours to apply and only last 10 days that shouldn’t cause too much of a problem.

At night wrap your hair in a silk scarf to protect the glue in extensions and prevent them from rubbing during the night.

Glue in Hair Extensions 03


Dab the remover on the weft where the glue is, be sure to saturate enough so that it can work on the bond.

After a few moments the bond should be weakened and you should be able to slide out the weft hair extensions without any tugging.

If you’re unsure then go to a salon to remove your glue in hair extensions.

Due to the weight of wefts, give your hair a couple of weeks’ rest and deep condition weekly to nourish your hair.

Skin Test

A patch test should be undertaken to check that you don’t have an allergic reaction to the cold resin (glue).

To test your skin, place a small drop of glue behind your hair and leave for 24 to 48 hours to ensure you don’t have an adverse reaction.

Handy Hint

The glue used for glue in hair extensions should not touch the scalp and the weft should never be placed on the scalp.

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