Hair Weave
Nettting Technique


This hair weave application is very similar to the tracking technique with a few exceptions.

You will need:
Weaving thread
Breathable weave net or netting cap
A curved needle (like the kind used for upholstery)
Hair clips to hold hair back as you braid
Hair wefts!

Hair Weave Netting Cap
Hair Weave Netting 02

You can either leave the edges (perimeter) of your hairline free or not, the choice is yours.

Once you’ve decided on the area to cornrow, do so then cover this area with the breathable hair weaving net by sewing it to the outer perimeter of the cornrows.

The net acts as a flat surface onto which the hair wefts are sewn.

I prefer this method as it means I can tie my hair up in a ponytail and nobody is any the wiser as to my wearing weave! You simply sew the wefts in the direction that you’d like; I tend to go from left to right starting at the back of my head.

I’ve known my friends to have their hair in weave nets for a couple of months, but I’m fussy and prefer to leave mine in for no longer than a few weeks… four at the most.

The great thing about netting is that it’s so easy to take out – you just follow the thread that’s attached to the net, and it allows me to wash my hair so keep my head itch free!

So go on, net weave away!

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