Rapid Release Wig Adhesive Remover

As a wig adhesive remover, Rapid Release is great.

It's a fast acting clear citrus based adhesive remover that works well on most types of adhesives and hair systems.

The non-oily formula even rinses off with soap and water and has a pleasant scent.

Rapid Release Quick Stats

Safe for Lace units: Yes
Sheen: Non-oily

Rapid Release Wig Adhesive

Rapid Release 12oz Spray

Caution: Do not apply to irritated skin and do not use on skin or scalp. Do not leave on hairpiece to soak overnight.

Sizes available

Just one at an impressive 12oz. why would you need anything else?


Contains: Citrus Oils, Petroleum Hydrocarbons, Proprietary Fragrance Mixture.

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