Lace Front Blue Liner Wig Adhesive Tape

If you prefer a wig tape as a wig adhesive then the lace front blue liner is the one for you.

It has a great hold and is arguably one of the strongest wig tapes on the market. Blue Liner Lace Front Tape is a great choice.

Blue Liner Quick Stats

Type of Adhesive: Tape

Type of Bond: Soft

Type of Hold: 2 – 4 weeks’ hold

Pieces per bag 24 transparent C contour (slightly curved)

Blue Liner Lace Front Wig Adhesive Tape

Blue Liner Lace Front Tape 24 Strips

Use for long term permanent holds between 2 and 4 weeks. With 24 strips in a bag you’ll be able to carry spares around with you.

Sizes available

24 C Contour pieces per pack transparent (slightly curved for your hairline)



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