Textures for Skin Weft Hair Extensions...
Loose Afro Curl (aka Kinky Curly)

Loose Afro curl (aka kinky curly) textured skin weft hair extensions are not as abundant as straight and body wave textures.

The loose Afro curl texture has a slightly larger curl pattern than a straight forward Afro curl (type 4b) hair extension texture which is where it gets its name from.

Loose Afro Curl (Kinky Curly) Skin Weft Hair Extensions... Will They Blend?

Loose Afro Curl Tape In HairLoose Afro Curl Tape In Hair

Blending tape in hair is crucial for a natural look and the loose Afro curl (kinky curly) texture is a great option for those whose growth hair texture has small spiral curls.

As there are a few variations of the loose Afro curl on the market, it wouldn't be fair to suggest that you'll definitely find your exact match; but it would be fair to say that you'll find a match that's close enough to blend.

Lengths for Loose Afro Curl (Kinky Curly) Skin Weft Hair Extensions

Loose Afro curl tape in hair is available in lengths ranging from 8-26 inches. Longer lengths are available you might have to treat finding them a bit like letterboxing... with the difference being that you'll find the longer length in a hard goods store or a website and not in a box in a park.

When choosing the length of loose Afro curly tape in hair, remember that the length quoted is the length the hair measures when straightened (stretched) - and you can check out the measurement guide for further info.

All of this goes to say that when you buy skin weft extensions online always check the listing description of the length as not all retailers allow hair extensions to be returned.

On this site, we quote the straight and curled (or wavy) length for each item.

When it comes to choosing the length, it's always easier to choose it according to the final cut and style of your new curls and if you're unsure about which hair lengths complement which face shapes, then check out our wigs by face shape guide - it may say wig, but it's all about hair length and face shape.

Sets For Loose Afro Curl (Kinky Curly) Skin Weft Hair Extensions

Loose Afro curl skin weft extensions come in sets of 20 or 40 pieces although a few retailers now offer sets with fewer or more pieces.

Unlike sewn in hair weave extensions, tape in hair extensions only come in sets of single lengths; multi-length sets are not available as yet, but who knows what the future will bring.

Colours for Loose Afro Curl (Kinky Curly) Skin Weft Hair Extensions

The most prevalent colours are darker from black to medium browns few retailers have caught on to the fact that folks like variety, so you can find other colours like 27, 30, 33, 99j, 613 (coppers, burgundy and strawberry blondes).

If you're unsure as to which colours would complement your skin tone, why not check out our guide to hair extension colours and skin tones.

Caring For Loose Afro Curl (Kinky Curly) Skin Weft Hair Extensions

You can peruse Peruke’s guide to Caring for Tape In Hair for an overview of daily styling, combs and brushes for tape in hair and you can also use the following five top tips to get started.

1. As the hair has been chemically treated to achieve texture, it's better limit the use of heat straighteners as frequent use can sometimes damage the wave pattern and the hair.

2.  Use a shampoo for chemically treated hair when you wash your tape in hair and either deep condition or use a leave-in conditioner to repair and strengthen the hair.

3.  Smooth dry hair by applying nourishing hair oil to damp hair.

4. Moisturise regularly with a mineral oil free moisturizer to keep the hair hydrated and prevent it from becoming dry.

5. It's best to use a dry shampoo and avoid getting any hair extension products anywhere near the glued tracks as it can cause the glue to disintegrate and possibly mat with your growth hair.

That's your lot on loose Afro curly (kinky curly) skin weft hair extensions.

You can find more information about skin weft extensions from navigation menu and find out what others are asking in our Hair Extension Q&A section and you keep up to date with new guides and articles about lace wigs, hair extensions and hairpieces by joining our blog  it's super easy to do and doesn't require any personal info!

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