Textures for Skin Weft Hair Extensions...
Kinky Straight

Kinky straight skin weft hair extensions (sometimes called Afro kinky straight) have a texture that resembles Afro hair that has been blow dried straight. 

The texture is considered to be technically straight as it doesn't have large waves or curls of any kind, but when you examine many versions of kinky straight hair you'll notice that there are definitely what we could term very small... gentle... kinks (don't believe us? Check the image below).

Now you'll notice that we said "many versions" and that's because this isn't a hard and fast rule - there are retailers that stock kinky straight hair where the kinks are more subtle and those where the kinks are more.... well... erm.... not-so-subtle - so as always, check listing description and images as not all retailers allow returns for hair extensions.

Kinky Straight Skin Weft Hair Extensions... Will They Blend?

Blending your tape in hair extensions is a must for a bona fide natural look and if your natural hair texture is type four (4) (based on the Andre Walker definition of hair textures) then the kinky straight tape in hair texture is a great match.

This isn't to say that everyone with type four hair must choose kinky straight, just that it's one of the authentic looking texture matches (along with Yaki straight textures).

Lengths for Kinky Straight Skin Weft Hair Extensions

Kinky Straight Tape In Hair ExtensionsKinky Straight Tape In Hair Extensions

Much like the majority of hair extensions, the lengths are between 8 and 26 inches. It is certainly true that longer lengths are available but you to have be ready to spend some time searching for them like you would for eggs at an Easter egg hunt - they can be found, just not always very easily.

When choosing the length of your tape in hair extensions it's always a good idea to think about whether you will have it cut into a particular style once it's attached, that way if you're aiming for a jaw-length bob, you don't have to buy a 16 inch bundle.

If you're unsure about which hair lengths complement which face shapes, then check out our wigs by face shape guide - yes it says wigs but it's more about hair lengths and face shapes.

If you're a smart as we know you are, then you'll be aware that there are remy hair and non-remy hair skin weft extensions and that latter includes a brand that sells a tangle-free non-remy.

Colours for Kinky Straight Skin Weft Hair Extensions

The most widely available colours are browns and blacks but on the plus side the majority of human hair extensions can be dyed. If you're thinking of dyeing your tape hair extensions and if you'd like tips as to which colours complement your complexion then why not check the hair colour and skin tone guide.

Sets For Kinky Straight Skin Weft Hair Extensions

Kinky straight tape in hair extensions come in sets of 20 or 40 pieces although there are a few retailers that offer sets with different amounts.

Unlike sew in weave hair, skin weft extensions are sold as single lengths - no multi-lengths sets available... but who knows, in the future, this could all change.

Caring For Kinky Straight Skin Weft Hair Extensions

If you haven’t perused the guide to Caring For Tape in Hair Extensions then you can use these five top tips to get you started.

1. Wash your kinky straight tape in hair extensions at least every couple of weeks (more if you use a lot of hair extension styling products) and use a shampoo for dry or damaged or coloured hair (if you're unsure whether your tape in hair is coloured in any way then opt for a shampoo for coloured hair)

2. If the hair seems dull or fragile then use a leave-in conditioner or deep condition your skin weft extensions hair every two weeks as this will help strengthen and repair the tape in hair (and your growth hair).

3. It's always best to keep your tape hair extensions (and your growth hair) moisturized, using a light moisturizer (that you can spray onto the hair) that's free from mineral oils.

4. If your kinky straight skin weft extensions becomes dry at the ends or frizzy then apply hair oils to smooth tape in hair, hair oils also nourish the hair. If you use oils when the hair is damp, they'll also help lock moisture in the hair to prevent them becoming dry again.

5. Avoid getting any hair extension products anywhere near the adhesive part of the tape in hair extensions. Hair extensions styling products (and conditioners) can cause the adhesive to disintegrate which could cause matting of your growth hair.

That's a run-through of kinky straight, skin weft hair extensions signed, sealed and delivered!

If you'd like more info about tape in hair extensions then you can check the Hair Extensions Q&A section and if you'd like to keep up to date with the next guide about weave hair extensions, wigs and hairpieces then join our blog.

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