Curly Textures for
Micro Bead Hair Extensions
(and care tips for micro ring hair extensions)

"What curly textures are there for micro bead hair extensions?"

Micro bead hair extensions (also called micro loop hair extensions, micro link hair extensions or micro ring hair extensions) come in a variety of curly textures.

Micro ring hair extensions are straight forward to install and remove especially as they don't require glue or heat to be used as part of the attachment process.

This article is a gallop through the curly textures available for micro ring human hair extensions and each texture has summary of micro ring hair extension care tips that apply to all textures of human hair micro ring extensions - so be sure to read on for tips and advice about swimming with micro ring hair extensions, washing and drying micro ring hair extensions.

Curly Micro Bead Hair Extensions

It was once thought that you couldn't get curly textures as micro ring hair extensions... well those days (fi they ever existed) are over; say hello to curly micro ring hair extensions.

Curly Micro Loop Human Hair ExtensionsCurly Micro Loop Hair Extensions

If buying curly textured micro ring hair extensions online, it's always an idea to try and find out the exact size of the curl pattern before you buy, as they can vary from retailer to retailer (and some retailers don't allow hair extensions to be returned),

Summary of Hair Care for Curly Micro Bead Hair Extensions
See our Q&A section about caring for micro ring hair extensions but use these top tips as a starter.

Keep curly hair moisturised by using oil free sprays or moisturizers without mineral oils on a daily basis - aim for plant-derived oils for hair as these are better suited to nourishing human hair extensions.

Keep styling and cleansing products away from the actual micro rings to avoid damaging the keratin bonds.

Don't over comb the micro ring hair extensions as this can cause the hair extensions to shed.

When preparing your micro ring hair extensions for sleep, slowly run your fingers across each of the micro beads to make sure that they haven't become tangled during the course of the day.

Lovely Loose Afro Curl (aka Kinky Curly) Micro Bead Hair Extensions

Yes... that's right... you are reading correctly. Micro ring hair extensions are available in the kinky curl (aka loose Afro curl) texture... who'd have thunk it?!

Loose Afro Curl Micro Loop Human Hair ExtensionsLoose Afro Curl Micro Loop Hair Extensions

If you feel like straightening it, you can (as long as it's human hair) but it's worth keeping in mind that although you can heat straighten kinky curly human hair micro bead extensions, it's not really advisable as the hair has already been processed for texture and so excessive heat styling can end up damaging the hair and causing the curl pattern to become distorted.

Summary of Hair Care for Kinky Curl (Loose Afro Curl) Micro Bead Human Hair Extensions

See our Q&A section about caring for micro ring hair extensions but use these top tips as a starter. 

Always detangle hair before washing micro ring hair extensions.

Avoid using styling products directly on the actual micro rings as this can react with the keratin bonds and cause the hair extensions to loosen.

When styling micro ring hair extensions with heat, use a low heat setting. When using hair dryers, lower setting should also be used.

Keep the use of heat styling tools to a minimum on curly and wavy hair textures as frequent heat can distort the texture.

Always detangle curls with fingers first, starting at the ends of the hair and working up towards the actual micro rings.

When combing micro ring hair extensions use a wide tooth comb for curly hair textures and avoid brushing as this causes frizzing.

Use gentle washing methods that protect the kinky curl pattern.  

Voila! Curly textured micro bead hair extensions done and dusted!

However if you're curious about all the textures for micro ring hair extensions or just specific ones, why not check out the guide to straight human hair micro ring extensions or if you love waves then check out the guide to wavy micro ring hair extensions.

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