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Stella- 18" Silky-Straight

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Stella - 18" Silky-Straight, Lace Front Wig £129

Lace Front Wigs:  Stella - 18" Silky-Straight

Quick Stats

Length: 18 inches straight – (measured three inches from front hairline)

Texture: Silky Straight - 100% Indian Remy hair

Colour: #2-#4, dark brown. The wig was dyed this colour and dyeing it a lighter colour would require first lifting its current colour.

Density: 130% normal wig density

Cap Size: approximately 22 inches - medium (adjustable straps to make it smaller). Hmmm… “What size is my head?” We hear you ask. Go peruse our LW (lace wig) measurements guide for help.

Cap Construction: medium brown  lace, three inches deep across the front with wefts throughout – wefts are open (no solid integral cap – see images) wefts are attached to an open weft cap; three combs (sides and back); adjustable straps; can be worn without adhesive (or more  frequently termed “glueless"); unbleached knots (this reduces shedding and can be covered using concealer or foundation), fine hairs (baby hairs) at the front.

The Stella Silky-Straight look is another stylish and chic wig. As a straight texture it’s the most versatile so get your heat tools out to give a fuller wavy look - then just wash for the straight texture to return.

Who Can Wear?

The cap construction of these wigs means they’re adaptable. If you’ve got growth hair (full or partial) you can wear it and if you’ve lost all of your hair you can wear it – so a great choice all round. The dark colour, suits all skin tones.

Lace at the Nape: This lace front wig comes with lace at the back so that it can be adhered to the nape of the neck with lace wig glue. However if you're aiming to wear this lace front human hair wig as a glueless lace front wig then simply cut the lace away and voila - you're glueless!

The combs enable the wig to be worn without the need for adhesives; these combs can be carefully removed or if you're like some of our customers, you may even add combs for extra snug security.

Answers to FAQs about this item

This is a human hair wig that was dyed this colour and upon first washing some dye may run (this is normal) and may soften the colour slightly.

The wig was dyed this colour therefore dyeing it a lighter colour would require first lifting its current colour.

There are some slightly shorter hairs that are part of the natural weft making process (hair has to be folded to make a weft), this is normal.

There may be some lighter strands of hair – these can be removed and are perfectly normal and are a product of the dyeing process.


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