Invisi-Bond Waterproof Lace Wig Adhesive

Invisible Invisi-Bond Waterproof Lace Wig Adhesive

As a Polyurethane and lace wig adhesive, Invisi-Bond adhesive is a great option.

This liquid adhesive goes on white and dries clear without any shine which means it can be used with any colour cap.

It’s great for securing lace wigs, toupees, lace frontals, polyurethane wigs and other types of wig caps, don't just take our word for it, our guide has plenty of options.

Invisi-Bond adhesive is safe to use on skin and so easy to use that you can apply with the nozzle cap, a brush or even your fingers – if all of that isn’t enough you can even spray it onto the bonding area which may be a better application method if you have total hair loss.

Type of Adhesive: Water based (skin friendly with no harsh ingredients)
Type of Bond: Soft
Type of Hold: 3-5 days or longer depending on body chemistry
Waterproof: yes

Invisi-Bond lace front wig adhesive is water resistant which increases its hold time.

Lace Wig Adhesive - Invisi-Bond Waterproof Wig AdhesiveInvisi-Bond Waterproof Wig Adhesive

Invisi-Bond Waterproof Wig Adhesive Benefits

  • Waterproof

  • Dries clear without shine

  • Long hold time dependent on body chemistry

  • Applies easily with nozzle cap, fingers, brush or spray-pump

  • Designed to withstand perspiration

  • No strong chemical smell
  • Can be used with lace wigs, PU wigs, lace frontals and toupees


Size Available
You can buy this in a 2oz (59ml) or 4oz (118ml) squeeze bottle

Aqueous-based acrylic PSA
Invisi-Bond does not contain latex
Invisi-Bond does not contain petroleum solvents

How to Use Invisi-Bond Waterproof Wig Adhesive

A patch test required before full application.

In order to increase the hold time, apply Invisi-Bond to both skin and wig cap (whether PU, lace or other cap type)

  1. Wash skin with soap and water, dry completely

  2. Optional: Cleanse your application area with 99% alcohol

  3. Apply one layer of adhesive to skin

  4. Apply one layer of adhesive to lace or PU etc.

  5. Leave adhesive to dry until it is transparent (clear)

  6. Place the hairpiece against the skin firmly

So, there you have it: if you're looking for a lace wig liquid adhesive that's skin friendly, can be applied with the nozzle or misted through a spray-pump and will hold your hairpiece in place whether you get caught in the rain or go for a run, then this may just be the liquid wig adhesive you've been looking for.

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