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Bethany - 18" Body Wave

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Bethany - 18" Body Wave, Full Lace Wig £175

Full Lace Wigs: Bethany - 18" Body Wave

Quick Stats

Length: 18 inches body wave – (measured three inches from front hairline)

Texture: Body Wave - 100% Indian Remy hair

Colour: #2 -4, dark brown. The wig was dyed this colour and dyeing it a lighter colour would require first lifting its current colour.

Density: 130% normal wig density

Cap Size: Medium (22 - 23”)

Circumference: 22.5”
Front to Nape: 15.3”
Ear to ear forehead: 11.5”
Ear to ear over top head: 13.5”
Temple to temple: 14.5”
Nape: 5”
Check out our measuring guide for more details.

Cap Construction: Full lace – can be worn in high ponytail 
Fine hairs at perimeter (baby hairs)
Freestyle parting
Single bleached knots at front – double throughout

Before and After (or rather straight out of the bag uncombed and then combed through)

When this lace front wig arrives, it will look like the image above, but don't panic - think about when you set your hair with curlers when you take them out, the curls are quite tight and it's not your final look, you then comb and style and may end up with loose curls or soft waves - same rules apply here - your lace wig arrives as though it has just been set with curlers - and a quick comb through softens the texture for a classic body wave look, just like the image below.

The Bethany Body Wave look is another stylish and chic wig. As the lightest form of the wavy textures it's a great way to move from straight to something with more texture but still easy to manage.

Who Can Wear?

The colour of this wig means it’s great for all skin ones. The cap construction of these full lace wigs means they’re versatile. The wig can be worn by those who have growth hair as well as those who have lost all or some of their hair.

Answers to FAQs about this item 

This is a human hair wig that was dyed this colour and upon first washing some dye may run (this is normal) and may soften the colour slightly.

The wig was dyed this colour therefore dyeing it a lighter colour would require first lifting its current colour.

There are some slightly shorter hairs that are part of the natural weft making process (hair has to be folded to make a weft), this is normal.

There may be some lighter strands of hair – these can be removed and are perfectly normal and are a product of the dyeing process.


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