Oil Resistant White Glue Lace Wig Adhesive

Oil Resistant White Glue Lace Wig Adhesive

As a lace wig adhesive, Oil Resistant White Glue (ORWG) is a great choice not just because it's super easy to use, but also because a little goes a very, very long way - yay!

The wig adhesive is a water based adhesive and has been specifically formulated for oily scalps and heavy perspiration - with those claims, Oil Resistant White Glue certainly has to be one of the best wig adhesives on the market and if you're researching wig adhesives, our guide has plenty of options.

Lace Wig Adhesive - oil resistant white glueLace Wig Liquid Adhesive - Oil Resistant White Glue

Type of Adhesive: Water based (skin friendly with no harsh ingredients)
Type of Bond: Soft
Type of Hold: 1-4 weeks depending on body chemistry
Waterproof: yes
Oil-proof: yes

So if you have a tendency to perspire, or have oily skin (over active sebaceous glands) then Oil Resistant White Glue may well be the best lace wig liquid adhesive for you.

Oil Resistant White Glue Benefits

  • Dries clear without shine

  • Long hold time dependent on body chemistry

  • Applies easily with one single coat

  • Designed for oily skin

  • Designed to withstand perspiration

  • No strong chemical smell

  • Easily released with lace release

  • Can be used with lace wigs and toupees

Size Available
You can buy this in a 0.5oz bottle with brush

acrylic polymer and water - no solvents or toxic ingredients

How to Use Oil Resistant White Glue Wig Adhesive

A patch test required before full application.
For best results, use oil resistant white glue sparingly and allow it to dry until it feels tacky to the touch.

Apply wig adhesive to scalp only.
Do not apply adhesive directly to the lace.
Do not use Scalp Protector or other skin protectants (as this is designed to work with solvent based glue and oil resistant white glue is not a solvent based lace wig adhesive).

  1. Cleanse your application area with 99% alcohol

  2. Apply a thin layer (using the brush, your finger or cotton bud)

  3. Let this layer dry for approximately five to ten minutes until it is clear (at this point the adhesive should feel tacky when touch)

  4. Optional: repeat the three steps above

  5. Attach your unit

So, there you have it: if you're looking for a lace wig liquid adhesive that works whether you perspire or have oily skin, this may just be the liquid wig adhesive you've been looking for.

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